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Friday, 2 April 2010

File 4 B Family conflicts

What bothers you about your parents?.... (other members of the family are included)

Students from AI21 express their opinions:

  1. They never knock before entering my bedroom..
  2. they always ask me about what I am doing.
  3. When I ask them for money, they always want to know what it is for.
  4. They always want to have control over me.
  5. They phone me many times during the day to check what I am doing.
  6. I have when my father doesn't listen to me.
  7. He always wants to be right.
  8. I also hates when mother only cooks vegetables for lunch:
  9. My mother often complains and shouts because my bedroom is untidy.
  10. They always complain because they say I am never at home.
  11. They always ask questions about my private life.
  12. They never give me enough money. I need to work all day!
  13. My brother never feeds the dog.
  14. They always have opinions about my friends.
  15. They always listen to the radio early in the morning.
  16. They always ask me to get up early at weekends.
  17. My father never has time to be with us because he works a lot.
  18. My mother always asks me to do housework.
  19. My father always wants to watch football on tv.
  20. They aren't generous when I go shopping.
  21. They always complain about the length of my telephone conversations.
  22. My mother orders me to clean my bedroom on Saturdays.

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