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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Describing where you live

I live in Rosario which is a city in the south of Santa Fe, Argentina. It has a population of 1.000000 inhabitants and it's the second biggest city in Argentina.

It is a commercial city with a lot of restaurants and gastropubs. In fact, there is an area called "La Fluvial" with a little harbour from which people cross the river to the Islands opposite the city by ferry. Rosario is also an industrial city. Several important factories and industries settled in the southern area, like GM and Troyano.

The weather here is wet the whole year. The winter is very cold and it sometimes rains. The summer is very hot in the centre of the city. It's great to enjoy the river!

Rosario has the most beautiful beaches in the Parana river bank. They are very attractive and there are many bars were people enjoy the weekend. Another very important attraction is Colectividades Festival in November. Every immigrant community that lives in the city cooks traditional food and people visit their "stands" to it eat. They also enjoy typical dances.
Rosario is famous for the Flag Memorial, which is the most important historical monument in the area, and it's unique in the world. The biggest tourist attraction, in summer, is the Parana river bank where most people go to the beach, sunbathe and spend their afternoon drinking "mate", and I night go dancing. The Rosario-Victoria bridge connects Rosario to Victoria , it's a magnificent engineering piece.

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