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Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Tallest building in the world - Dubai

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The Tallest Building in the World

Complete the sentences below according to the video. Then check your answers with the script

1.The Burj Dubai still has a little _____________________ to be finished.

2.The building is located in the United Arab Emirates, within ___________________
3.A lot of construction work is being done in the city of Dubai and there are eight times more_______________ than permanent residents in the city.
4.It is the place for the most creative and______________________ in the world to come and have fun by putting their ideas into practice.
5.According to the project manager, when the building is finished it will be more than __________________________
6.The building is supported by poles, a hydraulic lift and large bolts connecting it to _________________________ .
7.The presenter shows his surprise at how they can build this huge structure with _______________________ .
8.The pyramids used to be the largest man-made structure on the planet until they ________________________ in England about 700 years ago.

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