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Monday, 2 August 2010


A: Hello. Is that HSBC Bank?.
B: Yes, How can I help you?
A: Can I speak to Bety Martinez, please?
B: She’s not at her desk now. Can you please hold on?......
I’m sorry but her line is engaged.
A: Can I leave a message ?
B: Sure.
A: Ask her if she could call me back, please.
My phone number is 0341-675810, I’m Mary Ross.

C: Hello Mary, It’s Bety Martinez, How can I help you?.
A: Hi, Bety. I need to make a deposit in my account but
I don’t remember my account number. Can you help me?.
C: Yes, of course, hold on the line, please. What is your ID number?
A: It's 12.560.443.
C: Well, please write down! Your account number is 1002-3265/3.
A: Ok. Thank you .

By Jimena and Rut

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