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Monday, 2 August 2010



Aspirin, pain killers,
headache, backache, allergic, symptoms, temperature, penicillin, flu, cough, sore throat
hurt, I came down with....

Present simple
Past simple
Present perfect
Have to / mustn't


A: Hello, Doctor.
B: Hello. What's the matter?
A: I think, I came down with a flu.
B: What symptoms do you have?
A. I have headache and cough!
B: Did you have a temperature?
A: No, I didn't.
B: Do you have sore throat?
A: Yes, it hurts.
B: Do you smoke?
A:Yes, I do.
B: You mustn't smoke if you have a cough.
A:I know, I must to give up smoking.
B: OK. Are you allergic to any drugs?
A: None
B: Ok. I'm going to prescribe this medicine.
A: How many pills do I have to take?
B: Two every day.
A: Sorry, how often?
B: Every twelve hours.

by Melina, Lucrecia y Damián

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