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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A Formal e-mail

How to survive abroad?
Here you can learn everything you have to know before traveling to a foreign country with a completly different culture.
We teach how to act in everyday situations like for example: How to take a bus or buy some food and even that things you mustn´t do there.
2 weeks courses!. E-mail us for more information at

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are three students from an English course in Rosario (Argentina) and we are interested in
your service because we want to travel to Sudafrica to watch the FIFA WORLD CUP.
We would like to learn how to survive in Sudafrica's street. If we visit the Kruger National Park we would like to know what kind of thing we mustn't do there.
Please send us information about dates and prices of the course, also tell us if we could take it via internet.
I look fordward to receiving your answer.
Yours faithfully.
Charlie, Mariano, Rut

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