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Thursday, 27 May 2010

A Christmas Carol - by Charles Dickens

1- How did Scrooge change in the story?

The Ghosts of Christmas visited him and showed him how lonely he was. This made him change for the better and he enjoyed Christmas Day and started to be generous.

2- Why did Marley want to help Scrooge?

Because Marley didn't want Scrooge to have the same unhappy fate.

3-Why was Scrooge unhappy when he saw his past?

Because he realized he has been very mean and he never had a happy Christmas and he lost the important things of life.

4- Why was he sad when he visited the Chratchit family Christmas?

Because he saw how poor these people were but still they were happy

5- What did the Ghost of Christmas Future show Scrooge?

It showed what will happen to him. It showed him scenes of his death and how people reacted: they didn't care.

6- What did Scrooge do on Christmas Day and the day after?

He changed his life and begun to be more generous.

7- What is the moral of the story?Do you agree with it?

The story is about the importance of generosity and compassion. In addition it shows us how important it is to consider each other in life.

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