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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

What makes you feel good

Dancing is my favourite passtime and this year I'll start to sing in a choir.
She loves doing yoga and  trying new asanas is her new goal.
Mónica and Ana María

I really  like riding my bike in rural roads and enjoy doing it with friends. I decided to do it every weeekend to be fit. I ' ve felt better since then.
Leo and María Luz

I enjoy walking on the bank of the Paraná river on Sundays and visiting the retro markets to buy antiques.
Erica and Carla

On sunday, we enjoy going to the cinema. before watching the movie we buy coke and chips while we decide what movie we want to see.

jonatan y miriam

I really like panting in my free time and of course doing it very well. I decided to travel around Europe and to go to museaum and art galleries.
Daiana and Maria.

Sunbathing on the beach on my holidays and walking along the sea shore. I usually go to the theatre when there is a good play on.
Juan Santiago and Evelina

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