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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Tell Tale Heart by E. A. Poe

Comprehension Exercises:

  1. Why did the young man want to kill the old one?
  2. What did the young man think about the old man's eye?
  3. What did the young man think about his sense of hearing?
  4. Why did the old man wake up?
  5. Why did the police come to the house?
  6. What did the young man tell the police at first?
  7. When did the young man become nervous
  8. Why did he tell the police about the killing?
These words can be used to describe people:

edgy - motionless - disturbed - paralysed - sick -
uneasy - immobile - insane - obsessed - infirm -

Look at them up in the dictionary and choose the ones that best describe the characters from the story


______________ ______________
______________ ______________
______________ ______________

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